Domain names

Domain names

Domain names

You’ve have made the decision that a webpage is what you need and now you are confronted with having to choose your domain name.

When it comes to choosing the correct domain name it can be confusing to say the least. Don’t panic, it’s way easier than you might think.

Here’s a suggestion for your consideration.

Always get the domain name that matches your company name and then a domain name that matches the product or service that you provide.

The two domain names can be run as one using what we call an alias. In fact you can run many domain names this way, all pointing back to the one.

Imagine your company name is “Fred’s Mowing” and you work primarily in the Logan area. The product or service that you provide is “lawn mowing”.
What you could get for a domain name is and also

Think about it this way. How many other companies are there in the Logan area that do lawn mowing? Probably heaps and by using as an alias you are pretty much covering that product or service for the whole area. Your competitors are probably using their company names as a domain name and their street address may contain the word “logan” bit but having an exact match is way better.

So that’s two domain names both pointing to the one website. There is a really good reason for doing this too. If you run two website names, they are both treated individually by most search engines. In other words, any matched “key phrases” on your website would give you two links by the search engines ( like Google for example ) instead of just one. You instantly get twice as many matches than you would have had otherwise.

Remember, if the key phrase that people are looking for is an exact match with your “domain name” you get a higher match probability.

One more question that pops up and this one is really important…. When it comes to choosing a domain name should it be or .com ?

The short answer is this. .com is American or as some would consider it “world wide”. Where as is Australian. Try going to the website and you will notice that it will bounce you automatically to ( if you are located in Australia ) That’s because most good search engines will give you results that are local to your location.

There’s no point in them giving you a link to a plumber somewhere in America if you are located in Brisbane Australia and so on. So watch out for that name. .com will generally refer to someone in the U.S.A

If you have a local business and want local customers, best work with a local domain name. In other words if your business is in Australia, get a

What if you have a “global” product or service? That’s easy just get both…

You can easily get lost in the search for the perfect domain name. We’re here to help.

We can work with you and search from the list of available domain names on offer. So let’s talk…

Want to do a little homework yourself ? Use this link to search for a domain name.

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