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Don’t underestimate the value of Social media links on your website. If you have a facebook page, a youtube channel, a Google+ account or any of the other many social media accounts out there [ Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram… the list goes on and on ] then absolutely link your website to your social media pages.

Go the extra mile though and while you are on your social media page, make mention of your website.

Place a post on your social media account that “advertises” your website by showing a photo and a introduction to a product or service or story then putting a read more.. link pointing back to your website.

Here’s a real life example from the Google+ page of Quick Solve Computers.

What is the cloud ?

Social media

You may have heard people say – “Are you in the cloud?” Or “Do you use the cloud?”

This “cloud” they talk about is a place on the Internet that people use for storing files. It is not so much as a single
place but rather a way of storing files.

Imagine you have a folder on your computer at work, that you can access from anywhere in the world and it synchronizes with multiple devices. You would literally have your own little “cloud”.

There are companies out there like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Dropbox and many more that offer both paid and free versions of their “cloud” storage. They also normally provide software that is used to access your “cloud” folder and allow you to synchronize files between your device ( computer, tablet, phone etc ) and the cloud folder.

The point of the Cloud is to give you a way of backing up files off site from your normal device. This gives you a way of ensuring that your data is safe if your primary device ( computer for example ) is ever damaged.

For more info see this post on our website : Quick Solve Computers

The social media article is helping to promote your personal website – and that’s why we always include them by cross linking between the two.

For a list of social media websites try this Wikipedia link.



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