So you have your domain name all organised, you have your web hosting account all organised and now it’s time to start designing your website.

With WordPress you have all the tools you need to create pages, upload multimedia content, images, documents, create forms, present slideshows and much much more. You have the tools you need to do just about anything you like.

No programming skills are needed, just imagination and a desire to try something new.

The layout of WordPress is perfect. Simple to follow with help on just about every topic you encounter. When you need to add a new page, expect no problems, when you click on ‘pages’ you will find instructions and help on that page all dedicated to adding pages.

Looking to add a plugin or two? No problems you will find help on just about everything you will ever need.

There’s heaps of help available already built right into WordPress its self. Then of course if you go online to places like youtube, wikipedia and even WordPress.org you are sure to find a wealth of ideas and examples right there at your fingertips.

When it comes to Search engine optimisation, WordPress and the plugins that are available in it, make finding you on the web all that much easier. You will be guided each step of the way from choosing key phrases to adding images with the correct alt tags to adding meta tags that places like google look for when crawling your site.

Don’t let the jargon confuse you. With WordPress and a plugin called Yoast you will have all the tools you need.

Simply put, WordPress is the program that sits on the server that allows you to login, upload content and create a stunning looking website.

And did we say….. You even get to choose from thousands of different templates, each designed to accommodate a different need.

With templates, when it comes time for a “new look”, one click and your whole website takes on a new design, all without loosing any of your images or content.

Here’s an image or two of the “admin” side of WordPress. This is an example of what you see when you are logged in making updates or changes to your website.

wordpress     wordpress

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